Listen to your body.

Many of us let our brains rule us. We try to reason through issues or think our way out of situations. When we don’t know what to do, we try to figure it out.

The issue with this is that our thoughts can be deceptive. When we think something, we take it as a given fact. This may not always be the case. Our hot buttons and prejudices can steer us to erroneous beliefs and resulting thoughts.

The brain is not the only item of cognition in our bodies. In fact, we register input in two other centers of awareness prior to doing so in the brain—the gut and the heart.

We may have a gut sense about whether something is right or wrong for us. We know things in our hearts.

Additionally, we may feel physical sensations like chills up our spine or pricking in our thumbs. Or we may consider a troublesome individual to be a pain in the neck.

Today’s message reminds me that my body often knows what is best for me. When I’m willing to pay attention to bodily sensations, I receive clear input from the one who knows me best.

Please reflect and share. Do you listen to your body?