We are used to doing what we’re used to doing.

We all have routines, habits, and preferences. We usually put one leg into pants first. Same with shoes, we put on one shoe (left or right) before the other. We have a morning beverage of choice.

There’s a regular route we drive to work. We use certain turns of speech regularly. We have mannerisms that crop up, particularly during times of stress. Regular viewing of sports events or TV shows likely follows a schedule.

There’s more that we do by routine than there isn’t. We’re used to doing things a certain way and we’re in the habit of having a routine.

If we choose to or are forced to break out of our routine, stress likely results. Regular habits create a comforting structure in our lives, even if we don’t care for every aspect of our routine.

Routine also allows us to go on autopilot. We don’t have to think so much about what we’re doing and why, we just act based on previous choices.

The issue is that circumstances may have changed since we formed our habits. They may or may not suit us well in the present.

Today’s message invites me to break up my routines a bit. When I make conscious choices about what I do and don’t do and why, I’m living in the moment rather than in the past.

Please reflect and share. What habitual behavior of yours might no longer be to your benefit?