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Anne L. Smith is a Reiki master teacher, an animal communicator, and an intuitive consultant who has been channeling Hilarion for over fourteen years. With a varied background in the service industry, finance, and software/information technology, Smith has been trained by Hilarion to ground her spiritual insights into the everyday business world. She is the owner of Starlight Consulting LLC. She has four feline companions who aided in the production of The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human. She currently lives with her partner in Wisconsin, where they raised a family together.

More than the book text is channeled

Hilarion continues to offer creative input on the project. I reviewed initial proofs of the interior book layout of the book today. He feels certain fonts will make the material more accessible to the reader. He also guided me to find the cover image, courtesy of NASA. He has suggested promotional wording and is offering input on a promotional video. This is being a fun and collaborative project, in a way I never dreamed possible. Wow!