What did you get right today?

We all are our own worst critics. We frequently, likely daily, find fault with ourselves. We could have done this better. We didn’t accomplish everything we wanted to. We procrastinated and missed out on opportunity.

All this fault finding doesn’t make us feel good. While it is good to acknowledge and learn from missteps, dwelling on them isn’t healthy or useful.

Instead, we might have a nightly review of everything that we got right during the day. Even if it is only getting out of bed and showering, that’s something. Our list of things we did well might surprise us.

  • Made a good cup of coffee. Check.
  • Drove to work without having an accident. Check.
  • Got to our appointments reasonably on time. Check.
  • Ate a healthy dinner. Check.
  • Hugged our kids and spouse. Check.
  • Got to bed at a reasonable hour. Check.

Even if we did nothing really noteworthy on a particular day, we still did many things right. We will be happier when we acknowledge all our successful effort.

Today’s message reminds me that I get far more things right than wrong. That means I’m largely successful in life. It’s good to remind myself of that!

Please reflect and share. What did you get right today?