Open your own portal.

Life offers portals at times when it’s easier to progress. If we wish to improve our circumstances or deepen our understanding and awareness, these windows of opportunity give us a leg up on our desires.

We can certainly capitalize on these portals when they arise. We also can open our own portals at any time. We do so by learning.

Whether we’re learning a new skill, studying a new philosophy, or exploring a different mindset, we’re expanding our abilities and understanding. That creates a portal within us to allow more good things to come through to us.

So, if we’re looking for a little luck or assistance in progressing, we can help ourselves by finding something new to learn. We may get good at what we study, or we may suck at it. The point is that we’ve opened our minds and hearts through the learning process. This openness creates our window of opportunity.

Today’s message invites me to find something new to learn. When I keep myself curious and exploratory, I’m more likely to find wonderful things.

Please reflect and share. What might you choose to learn at this time?