Do it differently.

As mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been working on behavior with recently adopted cat Helios. Specifically, I’ve asked him to nip less and snuggle more.

I deflect the undesirable behavior and lavishly praise the behavior I prefer. Today this approach worked particularly well. He’s been cuddled up next to me on my chaise for over three hours with nary a nip.

That’s a long time for an naturally active young Siamese to be still. I also had different plans for tasks this afternoon.

I could reason with myself that in reinforcing good behavior, I was accomplishing quite a bit. I also managed to sneak a nap into the long timeframe. His purrs are rather hypnotic.

But as the usual time to write my blog neared, I was torn between habit and pleasure. Then the realization hit my drowsy brain that I could have both. I could type up the blog on my phone rather than on my laptop and continue the protracted snuggle. Only my habit was in the way and that habit could be easily discarded today.

Today’s message reminds me that habit can prevent me from getting what I want. While habit can help me, it can also prevent me from being flexible and creative. What if a new habit was to choose consciously what benefits me?

Please reflect and share. What personal habit has recently gotten in your way?