Decide again.

We all have to make decisions. And we all sometimes get them wrong. Or circumstances may change afterward, rendering our choice less than optimal in the present.

When faced with a previous decision that isn’t working well now, our first inclination may be to beat ourselves up. There must be something wrong with us if our choice of action isn’t the best.

And perhaps we did make a poor decision. And perhaps we made a good one based on the information we had at the time.

But this isn’t as important as knowing that we can always decide again. We don’t have to stick with our initial decision out of stubbornness or fear. We can choose anew.

If we feel our first decision was hasty, we can learn from this. We can make a more deliberate and reasoned new choice after more careful research.

Or if the situation simply has changed, we can ensure our new decision takes all the current details into account.

Either way, berating ourselves will only complicate the process and make it more likely that we may not choose wisely. The focus needs to be on making the best choice now.

Today’s message reminds me that I can always rethink a previous decision at any time. My choices are rarely permanent. They can be altered as needed.

Please reflect and share. What decision might it benefit you to reevaluate?