Relive happy memories.

We all can live in the past. Bidden or unbidden, memories arise and overtake our awareness. Sometimes the memories are pleasant, other times they’re definitely not.

Since our brains are naturally wired to register danger and unpleasantness more than happiness and pleasure as a survival tactic, when we remember scenarios they’re often unhappy.

Unless the unpleasant memories serve as a present reminder to avoid a situation that resembles one previously experienced—and this often is inaccurately applied—going over what happened again may serve no good purpose. We can become stuck in a past loop of unhappiness.

Conversely, remembering good times can add spice to our present and spur us on to create more pleasant memories. Recalling happy experiences can prime us to find the now more satisfying and rewarding.

Today’s message asks me to be aware of what I allow myself to remember. When I focus my recall on happy and useful memories, I’ll be more content, fulfilled, and effective in the present.

Please reflect and share. What memory would you choose to recall right now?