Keep it loose.

I grow black raspberries in my garden every year, have done so for many years. I usually tie the canes up to supports three times a year. Once in early spring when I prune the tops off the plants. Once in June prior to fruiting. And once in late summer or early fall after fruiting is done, when I prune out the canes that produced fruit and cut new canes back.

This June I was consumed with cat things. My older black cat became ill and eventually passed, and then we were busy hunting for his successor. In the blur of feline events, I missed out on doing the June raspberry cane tie up.

As a result, the plants which are now fruiting, drooped and hang down a bit loosely. Prior to the first picking, I berated myself for skipping that regular berry care chore.

To my pleasant surprise, the berries are actually easier to pick this way. A task I’ve performed for years actually hasn’t been necessary. In attempting to control the raspberry plants’ growth style, I had actually been making more work for myself.

As I picked berries today, I mused on how this is a metaphor for other issues in life. How much time do I spend trying to make things just so, only to waste effort for no advantage?

Today’s message invites me to keep my approach to life a bit loose. When I relax and let other people, plants, and situations be relaxed, I’ll find things easier to handle.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from keeping things loose?