Believe the best is coming.

We can doubt our future at times. This can be particularly true as we age, particularly if we’re past the midway point in our life expectancy.

We may feel our best days are behind us. Settling for whatever comes our way may seem the wise option.

And it is a good choice, except that we may assume the whatever we settle for will be less than ideal. And that very well may not be true.

The best may be yet to come. We’ve gotten wiser as we’ve aged and have likely learned a few tricks on how to optimize what we experience.

We’ve figured out how to squeeze joy out of unlikely circumstances. Manifestation and visualization techniques are also part of our potential toolkit.

Today’s message reminds me that I have everything I need to create a really good rest of my life. Hang on, for thrills and joy are coming my way!

Please reflect and share. Are you optimistic about your future?