Better than you might think.

We may tend to worry. We can conflate our fears and upcoming events into a stew of emotional discomfort.

That uneasy fretting can make us unhappy in the present, when the dreaded situation isn’t yet real. Our worry can make our now as uncomfortable as what we only fear may occur in the future.

Often, we find that what we feared doesn’t come to pass or isn’t as awful as we anticipated. We’ve wasted a span of our precious life making ourselves unhappy for what never really happened.

Sometimes, the anxiety-provoking scenario actually works out much better than we might have hoped. We can sigh with relief and enjoy the goodness that surprised us, but we can’t regain the past happiness we spoiled by being fearful.

Today’s message reminds me not to buy trouble. When I hope for the best in the future, I keep my present more pleasant and I make it easier for a good future to come into being.

Please reflect and share. Are you a worrier?