Let it come together.

We all have goals and plans. Often, we have a very clear idea of the way we how we want things to work out. This vision includes end results and timelines. It likely also includes whos and hows.

And this is where we can run into issues. Life has so very many moving parts. We can’t possibly control all of them. Even if we were willing to try, we’d burn ourselves out in the effort.

Yet we are disappointed if the unfolding of our vision doesn’t meet our precise expectations. If anything varies from what we hoped to see, we are concerned about the outcome of our plan.

When we attempt to script manifestation, we lack trust in the benevolence of Creation. We limit the ability of life to astound us, in favor of the illusion of being in charge.

If we’re willing to draw out our vision in broad strokes and then allow for wiggle room in its materialization, we tap into the creative nature of existence. We may be surprised by a better outcome than we imagined.

Today’s message suggests I can relax and let my visions unfold organically. Allowing Creation to fulfil my needs and desires generously helps me enjoy life more fully.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust in Creation to take care of you?