Help where it doesn’t hurt you.

All around us we see things, situations, and folks that could use assistance or improvement. We could devote ourselves to helping out 24 hours a day and it would never be enough.

We want to be good, kind, and helpful, but sometimes the possible demands on us can be overwhelming. How do we know when to help and when not to?

There are a few guidelines we can help use to decide. Do we have the time, energy, and resources to help? Will our own well-being suffer if we help? In helping another, do we take away their ability to learn an important lesson? Has the individual requested our help? Will our help make a tangible difference?

Today’s lesson reminds me to be mindful of when I decide to help and when I abstain. When I offer requested assistance freely and happily in a way that doesn’t sacrifice my well-being, I can feel good longer term about helping out.

Please reflect and share. How do you decide when to help out and when not to do so?