Believe you will prosper.

Many of us suffer from lack mentality. We may worry and fret about not having enough—money, time, friends, love, consumer goods and food.

The worrying doesn’t in any way guarantee we will have enough. In fact, we may attract actual lack by focusing on the concept. But we worry anyway,

It takes faith in Creation to trust that we will always have enough, particularly if we’re in any sort of short supply at the moment. But visualizing having plenty being grateful for what we do have right now helps us in two ways.

First, we feel better when we’re hopeful. The positivity improves our perception of our present circumstances. Second, we’re more likely to attract having enough and extra if that is where we place our mental focus.

Today’s message invites me to up my willingness to believe that I will always be prosperous on all levels—health, friends, family, love, finances, enriching experiences. I feel calmer, happier, and more satisfied when I don’t fret about my future needs.

Please reflect and share. Do you believe in your essential prosperity?