Let the answer come to you.

Often, we have a question to answer or an issue to solve. We may research and ask for advice, may weigh options, or try to get intuitive input.

The need to identify an answer is compelling. We may feel internal pressure to press on until we do.

Largely, our efforts may involve our conscious mind—logic, thoughts, and reasoning. We may bring our subconscious mind into play intentionally to attempt to get further information.

But we are using our subconscious as a tool to garner further data which we then input into our conscious process. We aren’t allowing our subconscious mind free rein to manifest a solution to our need and present us with options.

Today’s message suggests that my search for an answer may be simpler than I thought. When I put the need out there and let Creation provide a solution, presented through my subconscious, I will find what I need with less effort.

Please reflect and share. Do you allow your subconscious mind to help you solve problems?