Maintain your vehicle.

Those of us who own automobiles understand the wisdom of regular maintenance. We do oil changes, change brake and transmission fluid, purchase new tires, have brake jobs. replace mufflers, etc. We know our car, truck, or van will hold up better and perform better with regular care.

But many of us don’t perform regular bodily care. We don’t think of our physical forms as vehicles for our spirits.

Our physical vehicles are our most important tools. If our bodies don’t work well, everything else in our lives suffers.

We rely on our bodies and expect them to perform for us regularly, without fail. However. we may abuse them via unhealthy lifestyles.

Good bodily maintenance includes healthy diet and drink, regular sleep habits, exercise and fresh air, stress reduction practices, and positive body images. When we care for our bodies lovingly, we’re freer to enjoy the bounty of life and to let our spirits soar.

Today’s message encourages me to maintain healthy self-care habits regularly. Especially during stressful times, I do better when I tend my physical self with love.

Please reflect and share. How might you improve your bodily care?