Keep at it!

Today marks my 1,000th post on my website. Little did I imagine, when I began back in April 2012 that blogging would become part of my daily life.

When I was laid off from my job in 2020, I suddenly had available time as well as the need to be more regularly reflective. Capturing whatever inspiration came to me helped me begin to make sense of my life in a radically change set of circumstances.

I continue today because it helps me keep on track with personal development by understanding what is most relevant and useful for me on any particular day. My blog topic points out to me what I need to pay attention to.

Today’s message tells me I’m on the right track and am well served by sticking with my present course. I know that as I continue to be introspective in writing, the answers I need will come to me.

Please reflect and share. What regular activity would it benefit you to continue?