Prioritize caring for what you have.

We live in a throw-away society. We specialize in single-use and short-term items and planned obsolescence.

We think new is sexy. Brand-new items help us keep up appearances with our neighbors and friends.

Often it may be cheaper monetarily to replace an item rather than repair it. Plus, we get the stimulated high of brain chemistry when we purchase something new.

In making these choices, we may ignore the longer-term costs of item disposal and potentially dwindling resources (particularly with plastic items). We also make overlook the fact that we are reinforcing what almost amounts to an addiction to getting new stuff.

Many of us—if we look around us—have plenty. Plenty of clothes, furniture, entertainment items, and decor. And yet, we amuse ourselves by shopping for more. If we see something cute, it can be hard to resist purchasing it.

Especially in times of inflation, it may be a good choice to buy less. We might wish to consider rehabbing, repairing, or simply being happy with what we have.

Today’s message invites me to by less and tend my existing possessions more. I am grateful for the bounty I already have and care for it lovingly!

Please reflect and share. What impulse purchase might you resist?