When we don’t know what to do, often we become our parents.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Sometimes we feel at a loss. Situations arise that we’re unprepared for by personal experience. Or we may be started into reacting abruptly without forethought, and possibly uncharacteristically.

In these scenarios, we may fall back on observed behaviors or coping mechanisms we learned from others. Often the most influential teachers we had were our parents. Usually they are a mixed bag for us of examples we do and don’t want to emulate. When we’re stumped or surprised we may exhibit their ways unthinkingly, so our actions in these circumstances may or many not be what we would consciously choose.

Today’s message alerts me to the possibility of becoming my parents. This will sometimes be desirable and sometimes not, depending on which of their traits I emulate. Awareness will help me identify and build up in myself my parents’ best behaviors.

How about you? How are you like your parents?