Creativity come from the soul and not the mind.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

When we have a problem to solve or want to have new experiences we usually ponder and cogitate, trying to think of a solution or a different path. We often can identify what hasn’t worked for us in the past, but may struggle to come up with fresh alternatives.

This is because we’re trying to use our conscious minds to generate something novel. Our conscious minds function largely as a repository of storage and recall; we use them to conceive of what we’ve already in some fashion experienced.

However, we are connected to all of creation through our souls, our personal portal to the collective unconscious. Our souls provide a link to divine inspiration and through them we can receive input beyond our own past experiences. Input from this level is not subject to our personal conceptual limitations.

Today’s message reminds me that the well of creativity I can tap is much larger than I am. When I’m willing to relax the constraints of my physical mind, I expand into the realm of boundless potential. By letting go of my identity and memories, I open to the infinite.

How about you? How do you summon creativity?