Focus on only the most important details.

It’s said that “The devil is in the details.” This is indeed true on several levels. If we don’t pay attention to details, they can trip us up. At the same time, there are usually more details than we can handle well. It’s frustrating and crazy-making. How can we decide which details we should manage?

When we take a mental step back, we can see the larger picture. From that high-level viewpoint, which are the items that most impact the situation? These are the details we should prioritize. All other details may influence the outcome, but certainly not to such a great degree. There are likely three, perhaps five, key factors. We will need to focus on them to achieve our goal. The rest of the details likely can be safely ignored without any major impact.

Today’s message advises me not to get too bogged down in details. I can use my powers of discrimination to determine what requires my focus. Channeling my energy and attention only to these areas prevents distraction and diffusion of my efforts. When I handle major details well, the rest will take care of themselves.

How about you? How do you cope with details.