The best way to reach our goal may not be what we think it is.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us have accomplishments we wish to realize. We usually have a specific path in mind to our goal and may even have broken it down into smaller sub goals. Careful analysis and planning may have gone into our road map. We may have thought it all through and believe we know what needs to happen in what order. Things are well in hand, we think.

Then life intervenes, seemingly getting in the way. Roadblocks and setbacks appear, often detouring us from our carefully chose path. Side issues and intervening situations consume our focus, pushing back our planned next steps. We’re frustrated by things beyond our control shunting us off course. The delays can feel intolerable.

But what if? What if what we see as interruptions are actually needed steps that we may have omitted or not understood were necessary? What if life has our back on the situation and is ensuring we develop all the necessary skills and understanding to successfully achieve our dream? What if what we view as a detour is a much needed part of the journey?

Today’s message suggests that I shift my attitude toward setbacks. When I see them as unplanned but vital opportunities, I may not only gain something important but may also shorten the duration of the delay. Properly perceived, hindrances spur and support my necessary growth.

How about you? How might you re-frame your view of setbacks?