Notes From The Unknown: Day 94

Preparing to do something, you have already preconceived it.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Many of us like to do things by logical steps. We create a game plan and then attemptto get ourselves to follow it as best we can. The results are often mixed. When we are less than totally successful, we may tend to blame our plan and/or our execution. Often the problem may be our understanding of the issue and related goal(s). Our minds like to classify things in defined boxes and categories—this, no more than this, and nothing else. Exacting definition limits the input we use in our planning and execution. We can research more, and this may help some, but we are likely missing the unknown, the imponderable in our assessment.

Today’s message reminds me that what I think I need to do may not, in truth, be what I need to do. If I’m willing to focus on how I want to feel, rather than a defined result, I allow the power of serendipity to help me chart my path. This allowing permits fresh and unforeseen results which may be grander than anything I might have planned. It’s time to love the unknown.

How about you? Are you a planner or not, and what successes and pitfalls have you experienced with your approach?

For a more detailed exploration of how the power of serendipity operates in our lives, please see Chapter 5 in my book The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.

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