Notes From The Unknown: Day 90

Friendly, compassionate, kind—this is the epitome of spiritual advancement.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Looking at our society, we see considerable discord, judgement, prejudice, mean-spirited dialog, unwillingness to compromise, and focus on short-term gain or the best interests of a select few (how the select few are defined will vary with our beliefs). Us versus them seems like the flavor of the day, and we’re left thinking that somehow we could do better. It feels like our society is missing its soul, and we’re not sure how we go about fixing that.

Today’s message is a reminder that it always starts with me: my actions are what I can control and my greatest point of influence. My choices ripple outward and affect the choices of others. Google the hundredth monkey effect. When I think and behave with kindness, compassion and friendliness, it’s contagious. My expressed love is passed on by others. It is just that simple. I merely need to be genuinely nice. In this way, I lift myself up and elevate our society.

How about you? How do you translate your spirituality into interactions with others?

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