Be wonderful


Noun:  spiritual state in which one experiences existence as joyous exploration 

Verb:  to experience life in a state of bewonderment 

Note the syllables be one. If all of existence is self, one can explore that existence with absolute assurance that all experience is benevolent.


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Many of us slog through our life from day to day. We arise each morning with a mental list of things we feel must or should do. As the day goes along, we add yet more items to the list. We go through our life completing items from the never-ending list, mentally berating ourselves if we don’t accomplish some or most of them by the target dates we arbitrarily set. Often we’re so focused on what we should do next, that we don’t give our full attention to what we’re doing presently. We give most of our focus to the past (what we should have done) or to the future (what we feel we should be doing). We don’t allow ourselves to consciously enjoy the present.

We extrapolate our list into a game plan for how we believe our life should play out. We mentally map out all the actions we need to take to reach our desired destination and we dutifully set about heading in that direction. Unfortunately, taking methodical steps toward a goal isn’t much fun. This ritualistic approach takes all the joy and wonder out of life.

Most of us would prefer that life not surprise us. We feel safer when we know what to expect. It helps us to believe we’re in conscious control of our life. We are in charge of what happens in our life, but not in the way we might think that we are. Our inner divinity—our sharing within—generates all our life events through the power of serendipity. What is the power of serendipity and how does it work?

The power of serendipity is the ability of all creation—the sharing—to expand our physical consciousness and experience for our benefit through seemingly random occurrences. Nothing is a coincidence; everything has meaning. Because the sharing is conscious love, it can only make things happen for our good. Everything that occurs is an attempt by the sharing to get us to wake up from our routine of separation consciousness and notice that we are divinely connected to everyone and everything. The world is unimaginably beautiful and full of astonishing things, if only we slow our mind down and pay attention.

When we realize that we are an intrinsic part of a divinely connected whole, nothing can happen to us; everything happens with us. Everything is intentional, and the intent for us is that the sharing, in general, explores itself through us as humans, in the particular. We are part of a divine plan, and our role is to enjoy our life as fully as possible. When we savor the present moment and wring all the possible wonder and magic out of our current experience, we fulfill our role as human beings. We also will have more fun and will be more satisfied, too. It’s a simple, elegant model, full of expansive possibility.

Let’s take a moment to consciously connect with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to gain a better understanding of how this plan plays out in the large and small details of our life. We will begin by focusing on our breath. We will allow it to slow down and become gentle and even. As we do so, we will picture our sharing within as a golden light in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the golden light becomes strong, steady, and bright. As we exhale, the light spreads out through and around us, touching all we experience. We will know we’re in conscious connection with our sharing within when we feel a deep sense of peace and completeness in every part of our being.

Now we will confer with our sharing within about one seemingly minor, random event that happened to us yesterday or today, one which we don’t understand. Perhaps we suddenly and unexpectedly encountered someone we hadn’t seen or thought about in a very long time.

We will ask our sharing within to show us the purpose of the event. Perhaps the individual was previously present at a difficult time in our life. Perhaps he or she either directly or indirectly delivered a life message at that time which helped us make more sense of the dramatic occurrence. Perhaps we need to remember the message again, to help us deal with current challenging life circumstances.

Whatever our chance event, we can trust that our sharing within will give us true and useful information about its purpose. We also will allow ourselves to feel a sense of happy awe at the inventiveness of the sharing and the power of serendipity. Every single event in our life is just as full of meaning and beautiful synchronicity as the one we’ve chosen to examine. Isn’t life wonderful?

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, are you willing to let life astound you? Please share…

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