Healthy is as healthy thinks

When misapplied, anything is a disease.


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

We tend to think of things as either healthy or unhealthy. We crave potato chips or chocolate, but try to discipline ourselves to eat healthy snacks. We judge our relationships with others to be either good or bad for us. We see exercise as a healthful activity and rest as slothful. We often assess the healthiness or unhealthiness of people, things, and situations in absolutes.

In the sharing, everything is divinely interconnected. Everything and everyone is equal. All things and beings are neither good nor bad; they are neutral. It is our judgment of them, through separation consciousness, that causes us to perceive them as helpful or hurtful.

Our perception of things governs how we will experience them. If we assess others and situations from a mindset of fear, anger, alienation, or resentment, we will have negative encounters, ones we think of as unhealthy. If we approach them from a viewpoint that honors our interconnection, we will have positive encounters, ones we think of as healthy. The individuals and events are neutral. The difference lies in how we think about them.

Our perception of things dictates whether or not our experiences are healthy or unhealthy. Our habitual thought patterns control how we relate to people and things, thereby determining whether something or someone is good or bad for us.

If we eat an occasional candy bar as part of a balanced diet, enjoying it without guilt, the candy bar is an overall positive experience. If we ashamedly eat several candy bars as a major portion of our daily food intake, the candy bars are an overall negative experience. The things we do and the people we relate to are neither inherently healthy nor unhealthy. It is how we think about and relate to them that determines whether or not they are good or bad for us.

If we have fearful, angry, or obsessive thoughts about people or things, they will tend to affect us poorly. Anything applied out of balance can be a poison. Anyone or anything approached incorrectly can be harmful. Separation consciousness causes us to experience things negatively.

If we want to have a healthier diet or lifestyle or if we want to have healthier relationships, the best place to begin is by having healthy thoughts. When we think about what we eat, our activity levels, and how we relate to others in ways that affirm the beauty of life, we will find it easier to behave, relate, and experience in ways that make us happier and healthier.

Through our divine interconnection in the sharing, a piece of divinity resides within us, known as our sharing within. Let’s contact our personal divinity to help us understand how we might tune up our thoughts so we can have a healthier approach toward life.

We’ll begin by slowing our breathing and letting it become gentle and even. We will picture golden light at the center of our chest, the home of our sharing within. We will continue breathing softly and visualizing the light inside us until we sense peace and certainty throughout us. This is our sign that we are consciously connected with our sharing within.

We will ask our sharing within to show us our most unhealthy thought pattern, the one that creates the most difficulties for us. We also request that we be shown recent instances of how this thought pattern has affected us negatively.

Perhaps we have a poor self image. We may be overweight, but enjoy sugary, fatty, and starchy snacks. We may wish to lose weight, but find ourselves eating fattening foods anyway.Our sharing within may show us that the three candy bars we guiltily ate yesterday allowed us to feel ashamed and unworthy, further reinforcing our negative sense of self worth. We may realize that our attitude allowed us to enjoy the treat while punishing ourselves at the same time.

Next we will ask our sharing within to help us form a new and healthier thought pattern. Perhaps we will be shown that we and everything we ingest are divine. What we eat and drink can make us no more or no less worthy. We can celebrate our divine relationship with nourishment by eating and drinking in ways that are balanced and make us feel good.

Whatever we are shown, we will trust that the information is accurate and helpful. We will thank our sharing within for present and ongoing help in forming life-affirming beliefs. Improved health is just a thought away.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what healthy thought pattern are you willing to adopt? Please share…