Know your truth from the inside

Feeling and knowing are two different modes of perception. Feeling is more peripheral. Knowing is cellular.


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As human beings, we live in a third-dimensional world. We can reach out and touch things which have form and substance. We have physical encounters with other beings, too. At the most basic level of perception, we interact by physical contact, which helps us learn more about and and find enjoyment in our physical world. This mode of discovery has an outward focus.

We also learn to sense intangible things. We may feel another’s strong emotions. We instinctively know when to contact a friend who is lonely. We can recognize the tension of unspoken conflict. Our sensibilities are affected by non-physical influences in our environment. This mode of perception also directs our attention outside of ourselves.

It is only when shift our focus inward, that we are capable of knowing things. In this sense, the word know signifies the ability to have direct perception of something. We know in our hearts that we are in love with someone. We know in our gut that a choice may be ill-advised. We connect with our source of inner wisdom to perceive truths directly.

The source of this immediate and complete knowledge is the divine. We are only capable of accessing it when we go within to find the splinter of divinity that is inherent in each of us. This inner divinity, known as our sharing within, is our inborn connection to truth.

When we calm our physical minds and listen to our inner wisdom, this knowingness is immediate and certain. We do not need to ponder, gather information, or ask others’ opinions. We instantly know and recognize what is true for us. We feel the surety of that knowledge in our bones. We can feel it in every part of us.

As interconnected parts of the divine whole—the sharing—we have access to all of existence through our sharing within. We have only to consciously connect with it to learn to perceive directly by knowing. Let’s begin!

We start by breathing evenly and slowly and placing our conscious attention on our heart region. We will visualize golden light shining there—as we inhale the light intensifies, as we exhale the light flows out to fill us and our surroundings. We will maintain the breathing and image of the golden light until we sense certainty and calm inside of us. This is our signal that we are in conscious connection with our inner divinity, our sharing within.

Now we’ll bring to mind a recent intense conflict we had with someone. Perhaps we had a disagreement with one of our children about spoiled plans. We’ll think of the physical aspects of the conflict first. Were voices raised? Did we restrain the child’s angry actions? Did we bang our fist on a table to emphasize our words?

Next we will recall the intangible aspects of the conflict. Could we feel the anger rolling off of us and the child in waves? Did the tension seem to darken our surroundings? Did strong emotion make it difficult for us to breathe or speak?

Now we will focus again on the golden light in our heart area and ask our sharing within to show us the truth of the conflict. We will trust that the answer we are given is true—for the sharing, via our sharing within, can offer us nothing but truth—and we will feel the certainty and correctness of the answer in every part of our being.

Perhaps we argued with our child because we each wanted someone to blame for our disappointment in the overturned plans. We judged the situation as less than perfect, since it was not what we had expected, and found it convenient to judge each other as imperfect, too.

Next, we will ask our sharing within to show us the truth of our relationship with the other individual. Again, we will trust the immediate answer we receive is true and correct.

Perhaps we know in our heart that we and our child are one and the same; we both simply wanted to enjoy a planned activity. When our plans fell through, rather than recognizing our common nature and enjoying any interaction together, we chose to see each other as separate, untrustworthy, and flawed. Now, with our new knowingness, we recognize the inner divinity that is common to both of us. We will find it a little easier in the future to appreciate any interaction with our child.

Finally, we will thank our sharing within for the gift of gnosis, or knowledge. By learning to connect with the divine in ourselves and in others, we open to the truth.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what do you know in your heart or feel in your gut? Please share…