Leap into a new way of seeing things

Outer limits of perception—you’re at the edge of your platform of perception. Jump!


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

We usually view our lives a particular way. We have a prevailing mindset that is the primary influence on the what and how of our life experience. Our habitual beliefs determine how we perceive the events in our lives.

From time to time we may escape our prevailing mindset—or platform of perception—and may view life differently. If we’re usually a glass-half-empty kind of person, we may find ourselves suddenly putting a more positive spin on life. If we’re basically optimistic, we may unexpectedly find ourselves doubtful and resentful.

The most common platform of perception in our third-dimensional world is separation consciousness—the belief that we are separate from all other beings, things, and the divine, and therefore are limited. It will lead us to feel mistrustful, frightened, dissatisfied, regretful, insufficient, and alone. This isn’t fun.

Many of us are beginning to see there may another way to view life. We’ve noticed our usual ways of being aren’t making us happy. We want to have more joy and freedom in our lives, and we’re finding this to be possible when we are more open and grateful. We dabble in experiencing through connection consciousness—the belief that we and everything and everyone else in existence is divinely interconnected—but we’re not consistent. We often forget our intrinsically divine nature, which leads us to enjoy life less than we might.

We may accept the premise of the sharing—divine interconnection—but find it hard to practice in everyday life. We vacillate between feeling the love all around and inside us and feeling disappointed in ourselves and life. However, once awakened, we cannot lull the realization of connection consciousness entirely back to sleep. As along as we flip in and out of perceptual platforms unconsciously, our life experience will be uneven, shifting between highs and lows.

When we make a conscious effort to see the divine in ourselves and other beings and things, through our free will we open to connection consciousness. The more we school our thoughts to be open, benevolent, and grateful, the easier we will find it to be happy in life—whatever happens. As with any habit change, consistent willingness and effort is the key. When we fall into separation consciousness, we just need to step back onto the path of connection consciousness by changing our next thought.

When we are willing, we open to help from our greatest ally in this journey: our sharing within. The splinter of divinity that is housed within each of us is all the help we need to begin more consistently shifting our awareness into connection consciousness. It wants us have more fun and joy, and is waiting for us to accept its assistance.

Let’s be willing to dive into a happier existence. We will begin by establishing a conscious connection with our sharing within and asking for help. We’ll close our eyes and breathe evenly and gently, while visualizing golden light in our heart area. With each inhalation the light strengthens; with each exhalation the light spills out through us and our surroundings.

We’ll continue rhythmic, even breathing and the golden light visualization until we feel a sense calm and security. This signals that we are in conscious communication with our sharing within.

Next, we will indicate that we are willing to make a regular effort to have more loving and grateful thoughts. We’ll also ask for help to more aware of our mindset, and to course correct when we’re lost in separation consciousness. We’ll request that our sharing within give us signs so we know when we need to change our thought patterns.

We will also ask for a visualization to use, to help free our willingness to shift. Something humorous is perfect; it will help shift the energy of separation consciousness quickly. Perhaps we see ourselves in a clown suit, poised at the edge of a diving board, teetering and swaying. It’s time to jump in!

Finally, we’ll thank our sharing within for the helpful visualization and all the joy and fun we will share together in the future. The water of life is at the perfect temperature for a swim.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what thought pattern would you most like to shed? Please share…