Flow into perfection

Flowing is more important than growing.


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We often may feel that we need to grow more, either spiritually, emotionally, or both. We may believe that we are a work in progress, with emphasis on the progress. We judge ourselves for the things we believe we should do but don’t, or the things we do but believe we shouldn’t. We wish we were better people.

In this perception of our limitations, we don’t recognize that we are divinely interconnected with all of creation. We forget that a piece of the divine consciousness is encoded within us as our sharing within. We don’t remember that as an intrinsic part of the divine whole, we really are perfect—just as we are. It is our perception of who we truly are that is imperfect.

Our spiritual path as humans is not to improve ourselves, but to acknowledge our divine interconnection in the sharing, and to live in accordance with it. We don’t need to grow or tweak ourselves, we just need to remember that we are part of the divine whole.

When we can see ourselves, others, and all the rest of the world as intrinsically divine— and therefore beautiful—the quality of our life experiences will change. We will find ourselves appreciating life more, and we will feel happier and more fulfilled. When we can view every moment as an interaction with the divine, our lives simply are more fun and more meaningful.

The key to all this is believing in and feeling our interconnection with every being and everything. Experiencing conjointly with our sharing with helps us do this. Forging a conscious connection with our sharing within is a great start.

We’ll begin by focusing on our heart area, visualizing our sharing within as a golden light located there. We will breathe softly in and out, seeing the golden light get brighter as we inhale, and filling us and our surroundings as we exhale. We’ll continue the gentle inhalation, exhalation, and golden light visualization until we feel a sense of peace and evenness come over us. This is the signal that we’re in conscious connection with our sharing within.

We will continue the gentle breathing and focus our perceptions through our heart region. We’ll allow our sense of self to diffuse a bit, and will expand our perceptions to encompass other things and beings nearby.

Is there a bird in a tree close to us? We’ll allow our sense of self to expand until we touch the bird with our heart sense, and allow ourselves to blend with it. How does it feel to sit on a tree branch with the wind rustling our feathers?

Is someone walking a dog nearby? What does our heart tell us about both of them? How does the person feel about their dog? What scents does the dog smell? What is it like to be them?

We’ll continue the gentle breathing and let our sense of self diffuse yet further. We’ll reach out with our heart, and touch things and beings a little further off in our environment. We’ll keep flowing our perceptions in all directions until we cease to have a sense of ourselves as separate. We’ll become yet one more part of an interactive whole.

At that moment in which we forget to think of ourselves as separate, we will be as close as we can be, in our third-dimensional world, to experiencing the divine as it sees itself. We’ll catch a glimpse of the true face of the sharing. We will learn that everything that is, including us, is divine and perfect—exactly as it is.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, when have you been keenly aware of your divine nature, and how did it make you feel? Please share…

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  1. i am glad to find your fb in my friend fb, Mark David, i like this sharing very much, than you so much Anne, GB.

    1. Maria, thank you for the kind words! If you enjoyed the post, I send out weekly email messages from Hilarion, that are related to the posts. You might wish to sign up. Here is a link to do so: http://eepurl.com/oJ4NX. I look forward to sharing more with you, my new friend:) Anne

  2. Dear Anne,
    Thank you so much, after read the Hillarion text upside, i feel like i meet with my Arch-Angel, yes i am,,, I need somebody shoulder for put my head a minute,…uh, thanks God to have you as my-friend here, and our mutual friend Mark David Gerson, ok.

    I think, i must tell you first, that sometimes i am confuse with my english, bcos i never learn english as well as other.
    2nd, about my email address, please check if you can send to sateeesateee, or if cannot sended please go to sateesatee. Someone (my friend) has broke my email address after she try play in my FB,…so she give me a more lesson to be patient, ouw,…

    Ok, i love to hear from you more, thanks a lot, my dear friend,,,xxx.
    Sincerely, Maria.

    1. Maria, Thank you so much for your interest in and appreciation of Hilarion’s message. I’ve sent you a private email with a link to sign up for Hilarion’s weekly emails, should you be interested. Thanks again:) Anne

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