Happy Holidays from Hilarion

The present I offer you is the gift of self-awareness. This is a beautiful way to enjoy your life—as a self-aware being.


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

In life there are many challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to become aware of one’s own true nature. When we learn who we really are, life becomes easier, experiences are sweeter, and we find it naturally easier to be happier.

Understanding of one’s true nature isn’t about one’s interests or talents—those are about the nature of one’s physical mind and body. One’s true nature is about inherent spiritual connection to divinity. We are all innately divine beings living in an intrinsically interconnected universe: the sharing. We are an inseparable part of the divine, each and every one of us.

The nature of physical life on Earth makes it easy to forget one’s inner divinity. This is the gift I offer you this holiday season: a quick and easy meditation to help seat awareness of your true nature more completely in your consciousness. It is energetically encoded to facilitate unfolding within your physical mind.

Please begin by dropping your shoulders, taking a deep breath, and exhaling slowly and fully. Take another deep breath and let it out with an audible sigh. Doesn’t it feel good? Continue to breathe in a relaxed and easy pattern, and let yourself feel more at peace with every breath. Your calm creates a vessel  to hold awareness of your inner divinity. Let it build slowly and fully as you continue to breathe comfortably and slowly for a minute or so.

Now picture a beautiful gift-wrapped box topped by large golden bow, in the center of your chest. A glow emanates from the box and surrounds it in a radiance of golden light. Every breath you take in and out makes the light brighter and stronger. Please continue breathing gently until the light escaping from the box fills your entire body. There is no hurry. Let this happen naturally. Be at peace.

When you sense you are ready, gently tug at the bow on the box and watch it drop away. The light now is streaming out from under the cover of the box in pulses. It is time to lift the cover and claim your present. Do so with happiness and anticipation. This gift is perfect and just for you.

As you remove the top of the box, a fountain of golden light showers out, bathing you in brilliant radiance. Your body no longer is recognizable. You are simply an orb of luminance. In this form, it is easy to understand your own divine nature. Take a few moments to recognize how beautiful, perfect, and complete you are. This is how you appear to the divine—whole and flawless.

This radiant golden light represents the divinity of the sharing encoded inside of you—the sharing within. This is who you truly are. For just a minute or two, commune with the divine intelligence afforded by recognition of your own divine nature. Allow yourself to become aware of situations in which you previously have viewed yourself as flawed or limited. Now watch as those self-limiting beliefs evaporate in the light of the sacred radiance that is your true nature revealed.

You are perfect. You are healed. You are whole. You are one with all that is—in the sharing. You are nothing other than divine peace and conscious love. Radiate that truth to the universe. That is your gift to the sharing.

Thank you and happy holidays.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how has your understanding of yourself changed? Please share…