Notes From The Unknown: Day 119

We want things for free; everything is free and nothing is free.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have a bit of the bargain hunter in us. We feel gratified when we find something we need/want reasonably, or even better, for free. Sometimes the free item may not be precisely what we had in mind, but hey, it’s doesn’t cost us anything. Other times, we may feel compelled to take or accept something, whether or not we need or want it, simply because it’s free. There’s a certain mystique and lure for us in the concept of a free acquisition.

Whenever we take something on, we add it into the mix of our personal energy field. We make it a voluntary part of us. Whether it’s a thing, a relationship, or a situation, we alter ourselves by accepting it into our lives. There is always a trade off; we trade possible personal potential for an acquisition now. We redefine ourselves with anyone or anything new we take on. In this way, nothing is free. We offer up part of ourselves to accept something new, whether or not there is an easily recognizable cost.

We are also part of a divine interconnected whole. No one and nothing is excluded from creation. The boundaries we perceive between ourselves and others and what we see as ours and not ours are illusory, a function of the separation consciousness prevalent in third dimensional existence. If everything that is is comprised of strands of divine conscious love, all the resources of creation are available for us to tap into in any moment. There is no give or take or exchange, there is merely energy flow in response to energetic focus. In this grander sense, everything is free and everyone has complete freedom to choose.

Today’s message reminds me to be discerning, mindful of what I choose to attract and accept. I am crafting the nature of my life with both the thoughts I generate and what I accept into my personal sphere of existence in the third dimension. Every concept I entertain or retain and every item, individual, or scenario I elect to give room in my perception affects my life right here and now. I will want to be aware of what I am creating for myself. I have the power to choose my life’s tone and direction.

How about you? How do you feel about free offerings?