Go where you thrive.

Many of us tend to stay put in life. We stick with our jobs, housing, diets, habits, relationships, etc. If some aspect of our lives isn’t failing, we don’t tend to shift it. Only circumstances beyond our control or extreme discomfort may provoke us to change.

And this can be unfortunate as we may miss out on opportunities to have things be better than just okay. Our inertia and complacency can limit our potential and ability to follow our dreams.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re likely doing all right in many aspects of our lives, but there may be few areas where we are thriving.

This Mercury Retrograde season is an excellent opportunity to review our personal state. Where are we limited? What is getting in our way? How might we shift ourselves to help make sure we thrive—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

Today’s message invites me to make the best of my existence. When I give myself what I need to thrive on all levels, I emanate health and happiness to share with all Creation.

Please reflect and share. In what areas of your life can you give yourself the opportunity to do better?