Duration means nothing in the now.

We may wonder how long things will last. Relationships, illnesses, funds, social conditions all spring to mind. This pondering takes our awareness out of what is happening currently.

When we are fully present to the moment, we’re experiencing it completely—good, bad, or otherwise. We simply take existence in to the utmost extent possible. In that mindset, the lifespan of people, things, and events doesn’t matter.

In divine reality existence is eternal, and everything occurs simultaneously. Space and time have no relevance in higher dimensional planes of existence. They are convenient to help us differentiate and separate beings, things, and events in third dimensional separation consciousness. The concepts of space and time help us draw boundaries between us and them, this and that, then and now. They also keep us more firmly entrenched in separation consciousness.

Today’s message invites me to keep my focus on the moment. Since I live in third dimensional consciousness, I can take prudent measures to help ensure that what I cherish will endure in my reality. In this mindset however all things pass. So, I’m advised to live as fully as possible in the now.

Please reflect and share. What is your relationship with the now?