All moments are good

In the single moment of birth, our entire genesis and destruction is contained. This is true of any moment.


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We use the concept of time to organize our perceptions. We find it easy and comfortable to view things from the perspective of cause and effect. We like to view events in series. That was then; this is now. A must happen before B, and then and only then can C occur.

This sequential way of thought makes it easier for our physical mind to understand existence in terms of separation consciousness—the belief that we and all of creation are separate from each other—which is the prevailing thought pattern of our third dimensional world. If things and beings are separate from each other, they can be compared, evaluated, judged, and blamed. Things or people outside of ourselves can be viewed as causing events in our lives. We have a handy way to avoid responsibility for how and what we experience.

In the divine wow of the sharing, everything is simultaneous. It is all happening right here and right now. There is only this moment of existence, perceived over and over simultaneously in an infinite number of ways. Describing this concept from our linear point of view, a single instant holds the birth and death of the universe and all points in between. However, there is no true birth and no true death; there is only the existence of now.

From this standpoint, an instant holds nothing but pure potential. It and we can be however we choose to believe. Our perception posits what we experience. Our thoughts and beliefs are responsible for the nature of our existence. If we’re not having fun, we can change our way of perception and find a different experience.

Since it isn’t possible to entirely jettison the concept of time in third-dimensional reality, in practical terms this concept can be viewed as follows: In any and all moments of our lives, we have the ability to change our lives instantly by reframing how we perceive events and ourselves. Any moment holds the birth and death of a dream and all possibilities in between. An instant is all we need to change failure into success. Fulfillment and happiness are possible at any time.

Let’s spend a little bit of time (a seemingly inescapable concept, that!) with our inner divinity and guidance—our sharing within—to learn more about how we might reframe our perceptions of life. We’ll start by relaxing our breathing pattern and allowing it to become slow, deep, and regular. We will see a sphere of golden light in the center of our chest, representing our sharing within. As we inhale the golden light becomes steady and bright. As we exhale, it fills us completely and spills out and around us, connecting us and our environment. We will continue with the gentle breathing and light visualization until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within. We’ll know this has occurred when we feel easy, peaceful, and mentally clear.

Now we will think of how our life seems to us in this instant. Are we happy? Are we comfortable? Are we fulfilled? Do we feel anything is lacking? Do we feel physically and mentally well? We’ll take a few moments to check in with ourselves and see how we feel about our life right now. What is working well, from our perspective? What might we wish to be different? What are our prevailing emotions? We’ll take our satisfaction temperature and note both the good and the bad.

Next we will focus first on the things that seem to be going right. Perhaps our body feels strong and healthy. Perhaps we have recently had a great meal and feel full and satisfied. Perhaps there are friends and loved ones around us. We will dwell on each item we see as positive and allow ourselves to feel complete and utter gratitude for the good people and things in our life.

Then we will review the things that aren’t quite as satisfactory. Perhaps we wish we had more money. Perhaps our job isn’t as fulfilling as we might wish. Perhaps we long for a loving relationship. We will focus on each item we see as negative and conjure up an image of how we would like it to be. We’ll make our imagining as real as possible, with scents, sounds, visuals, and emotions. We will dwell on each idealized item and enjoy and appreciate it, allowing gratitude for the experience to fill us.

We will note that in both the moments we were appreciating the positive things and in the moments we were visualizing our idealized outcomes, we felt good. Happiness and gratitude filled us. Whether our focus was ‘real’ or not, it felt wonderful. We are grateful for the freedom this understanding brings us. In any moment, we can choose how we wish to feel.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what do you choose to experience right now? Please share…