We increase our happiness by not judging what we do.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We are our own worst critics. Most of us have an ongoing internal dialog that is all too frequently self-critical. It’s easy to habitually second guess our choices, whether they are actions or inactions.

In doing so we taint our experiences. They lose their spontaneity and the joy is sucked out of the present moment by our judgment of what we should or shouldn’t be doing instead. Happiness is closely entwined with acceptance, and we dilute it by not embracing our choices.

Today’s message asks me to be all-in on what I decide to do. Niggling doubts will only serve to reduce my enjoyment of whatever I’m doing. I can certainly change my mind or reverse a decision at any time I choose. But while I’m enacting it, I’ll want to do so with verve and gusto. I enhance my satisfaction in life by joyfully backing my plays.

How about you? Do you often second guess yourself?