Bit by bit.

Most of us have a project that we’d like to tackle, one that seems daunting. We know what the completed result would look like, and we want it. We’re just leery of the amount and level of effort we think would be needed to achieve it.

We may feel we lack the needed skills. Or may be afraid we lack the stamina. Or it may simply feel like so much work.

We’re looking at the overall scope of effort. But what if it wasn’t one big project, but a series of little, more easily achievable ones? That approach might seem less overwhelming.

Tactically, we might be able to break the overall work into smaller bites. Then we can tackle them one by one in order, eventually completing the entire project.

Today’s message advises me to approach an upcoming project bit by bit. When I’m focused on the next bit to complete rather than the larger effort, I’ll find the work less intimidating. Additionally, completing smaller increments will give me a sense of accomplishment (and the associated dopamine release) along the way.

Please reflect and share. Do you use the incremental approach to larger tasks?