Notes From The Unknown: Day 93

Instead of borrowing trouble, try borrowing bliss.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. On a national scale, there are plenty of issues we might worry about. Will/won’t President Trump be re-elected? Are we taking to many/too few protective measures against COVID-19? Is the stock market healthier than ever/about to crash? Do black live matter/all lives matter, or both? Whatever our personal viewpoint, we can easily get involved in fretting about these and other similar issues. We can invest considerable time imaging the worst, and it won’t help to stave it off. It may, in fact, bring it closer to realization because of the energy we imbue in an undesired outcome. We’re better served by taking what personal action we can to bring about a better future, and then focusing our imagination on a happy, healthy, sane, abundant outcome.

Today’s message reminds me to take my positive imagery to a new level. With my job termination this week, career and finances are current concerns. I can choose whether I invest emotional capital in being troubled about my prospects or excited and happy about the world of possibilities ahead of me. I’m better off borrowing bliss.

How about you? Are you/were you a worrier? If yes, what might/did happen if/when you stopped?

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