Effort is its own reward.

Sometimes we work hard and don’t feel recognized for our efforts. We may put our heart and soul into a project and not received the kudos we may think we deserve.

It may seem disheartening. We may wonder why we even try.

In this attitude, we may be confused. The real benefit and recognition for anything we do is most satisfying when it’s internal. What we think about our efforts matters most.

Today is the 1,000th blog post in this series. I truly never thought I would stick with the daily practice this long. I started back in early COVID days when I was laid off from work. I’ve continued ever since.

I share this post on Facebook as well as on my website. Lovely, gentle readers have commented, liked, and shared. It does make me feel good to know my words are reaching others. So, I’m grateful for your feedback!

But along the way, I’ve realized this regular practice is really for me. A daily check-in with my intuition tells me what I need to ponder or work with. It keeps me realizing and growing my awareness.

Today’s effort reminds me that my motivation for my actions should always be about what I want to do and how I feel about my accomplishments. When my reward mechanism is internal, I only need to please myself. That’s a great measure of freedom.

Please reflect and share. Do you appreciate your own efforts?