Rearranging our lives contributes less to our happiness than changing our attitudes does.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Sometimes when life seems hard or boring, we try to switch things up. If we’re struggling to cope with situations as they are or if life feels lackluster, we may shift our circumstances to try to achieve more ease and fulfillment. We may add an exercise routine, go on a diet, change jobs, break up a relationship, adopt a pet, try a new hobby, or get a different haircut.

Essentially, we’re varying our outside world in an attempt to change how we feel inside. And the changes may help, at least for a while. But once their novelty fades, we may find ourselves in the same familiar, uncomfortable state. This occurs because we’re unlikely to change what goes on inside us by altering our external world.

Today’s message advises me that being happy is an inside job. Tweaking my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs is the most effective route to improving my life experience. When I change how I feel inside, the world around me feels different to me, too.

How about you? How does your inner world reflect in your outer one?