Willing to be silly.

We want to be treated with respect and feel likely comfortable having a sense of dignity. We may feel earnest about how we and others view us, our behavior, and our accomplishments.

Certainly, it is important to be dealt with in a way that honors our worth—whether by others or by ourselves. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be serious or be taken seriously by others.

Lighthearted is a very free way of being. We’re respected, but also can be playful and have a sense of humor. It isn’t our image that matters, it’s what is in our hearts. We are willing to play the fool at times in the interest of having fun.

Today’s message comes to me courtesy of my cat Helios, who kindly modeled cat hats I’m donating to a cat rescue charity auction next month. He was willing to look silly for a good cause. He reminds me that I can be silly too in playing with him, to honor his gift to me. We’re silly together out of love.

Please reflect and share. What spurs you to be silly?