Notes From The Furlough: Day 32

Look around you. See what’s growing. Imitate it.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Like many of us I suspect, my major productive focus has been my career. Every weekday, the job was the largest recipient of my personal energy. Yes, I wrote and published a book some years ago, but my work always was the primary activity. My corona virus staycation has removed the job temporarily from my personal equation. I’m experiencing a minor identify crisis without my work to define the rhythm of my days. I knew I would want to make plans to shift my life focus with retirement a few years in the future. I wasn’t as prepared for the rapid transition from busy to ample free time spurred by my furlough.

Today’s message reminds me that in temperate climes, nature reinvents itself each spring. Tulips and daffodils, which stored energy in bulbs deep below ground over winter, announce their rebirth in a wealth of bloom. I’m asked now to explore what create potential I’ve been keeping dormant. Certainly my writing has reemerged with this blog, but other endeavors like knitting, crocheting, sewing, rug hooking are still largely untapped. It’s time to use my life pause to blossom in new ways.