Notes From the Awareness: 251

Love is finding the good in everything.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. It’s easy to appreciate and find the benefit in things we enjoy. It also feels natural to care about people who are pleasant and fun to be around. We struggle when faced with unwanted events or challenging folks. It’s much harder to be thankful for and understand their purpose in our lives.

The difficulty arises because we’re perceiving these undesired or unpleasant situations and individuals from our limited personal perspective. We’re seeing them through the lens of our past experience and our emotional reactions. Neither may provide clarity or full understanding.

To experience more clearly, we need to consciously summon up our interconnection in the divine. When we know that we are an intrinsic part of infinite creation, we remember that our purpose is to love, love indiscriminately, all beings and things. In the unified loving consciousness of creation, all its parts are beautiful and essential.

Today’s message comes via my 17-year-old Siamese, Orion, who is pondering leaving physical existence. He reminds me that his approaching death is also beautiful, an expansion for him into further possibilities. So I must begin to love and appreciate his coming passing rather than mourn an impending loss. It will not be an ending, but rather a beginning of a new and exciting existence outside the physical realm for him. He will graduate from this plane ahead of me, and I will love that fact for both of our benefits.

How about you? What can you learn to love for the greater good?