Sometimes nothing is the best thing to do.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We are generally a society of doers. We’re conditioned to place value on productivity. Measuring and tracking output is often the basis for compensation.

We also learn to respond to or in anticipation of events. We believe there is power in mastering situations and feel the need to control them. To simply allow things to occur can smack of passivity or victimhood to us.

Today’s message advises me that sometimes it is healthy to simply do nothing. Adequate rest is an important component of both physical and mental well being. I can nurture my mind and body with needed downtime without feeling guilty or lazy. I can also understand the wisdom of letting things me. Sometimes the best response is no response. Inaction can at times be exactly my best choice.

How about you? Do you feel compelled to be active and doing?