Don’t fight the rhythm.

Often, we have an idea of what we want and when. Similarly, we know our desired performance and pace in pursuing goals.

In both cases, we’re setting the outcome and the rhythm, the what and the when. If reality doesn’t confirm to our expectations, we’re likely to be upset or disappointed in ourselves.

This makes as much sense as trying to dance the polka to salsa music. We’re trying to force something regardless of prevailing conditions.

When we take the time to read situations and to listen to ourselves, we experience this type of mismatch less often. In sizing things and ourselves up, we learn to be reasonable and gentle with ourselves, others, and life.

Today’s message invites me to listen to the pace of what is going on in and around me. When I honor what is, it is easier to find a path toward my dreams, while enjoying the trip.

Please reflect and share. In what portion of your life might you be out of rhythm?