Let your heart speak.

Sometimes we need to have challenging conversations. They’re often about painful or controversial topics.

We may put off having these discussions. If the subject has an emotionally charged aspect, it’s possible that tempers may flare, and misunderstandings may occur. So, we may try to avoid conflict by postponing the talk.

Other times, this type of conversation may arise unbidden. It isn’t planned, but here it is and there’s no avoiding it.

When we plan to have a sensitive talk, we may muster our thoughts in advance. We may plan out what we want to say and convey. However, in the moment, the discussion may veer off of our desired course and our planned remarks go out the window.

When we speak from our head, divergence from our prepared points may throw us off. We can get lost and struggle to communicate well. Also, our audience likely can sense that our heart isn’t in what we say. Instead, our mind is driving our speech and we may come across as insincere or uncaring.

When we speak from our heart, our words are genuine and authentic to our feelings. Heart talk helps foster intimacy and understanding.

Today’s message invites me to be more aware of whether my conversations are driven by head or heart. When I speak of my feelings, I help my audience understand me more fully.

Please reflect and share. Do you try to speak from your heart? If so, how does it help you?