Be curious.

As babies, we begin life with fresh eyes. Everything is new, interesting, and exciting. Our curiosity usually overcomes our fear, making us exploratory.

As we grow up and become adults, we become more cautious. Some of our caution is taught to us, other of it is earned through difficult experiences.

This wariness places a barrier between us and life. We’re at a remove and somewhat insulated from unreserved engagement with life. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it also isn’t completely beneficial.

Our caution can separate us from others, leading us to be mistrustful and isolated. We may miss out on connection and fun because we’re wary.

We also may avoid new and challenging situations, for fear of failure or being hurt. Had we approached learning to walk as a child from this mindset, we’d likely still be crawling.

Today’s message exhorts me to flex my natural curiosity more. The more I learn and experience in life, the more likely I’ll be happy and fulfilled.

Please reflect and share. How curious are you?