You only own your own troubles.

We all struggle at times, some of us more than others. We all have difficulties to sort through and resolve. Sometimes we want help from others with our problems. Sometimes others want help from us with theirs.

All of this may seem to add up to a lot of troubles. That may be when we need to remind ourselves that we’re only responsible for our own difficulties.

We may feel obligated to help others with their issues, with guilt and expectations making this sense stronger. In truth, other than caring for our minor children, we’re not actually responsible for anyone else.

It may make sense to help out with those we love and care deeply for. But we may not need to get wrapped up in any drama around their situations.

In fact, even getting caught up in fraught emotions around our own difficulties isn’t helpful. It only makes dealing with our problems more tiring and complicated.

Today’s message advises me to avoid any drama surrounding difficulties, whether my own or others. When I handle my own difficult situations practically and offer kind and neutral assistance to others as I choose, I lessen the impact of problems in my life.

Please reflect and share. What’s your way of dealing with problems?