Aggression isn’t successful.

We’re taught to go after what we want, that to persist is to succeed. While this can be true, there is a difference between persistence and aggression.

Persistence involves firm and determined actions toward a goal. Aggression has undertones of intention to harm or dominate another.

With persistence, the desired result is the focus. Aggression can become its own end goal, sometimes becoming more important than the initial point of disagreement. This is clearly demonstrated at this time by folks on both sides of the political divide.

Today’s message reminds me that being steadfast in my beliefs and actions is worlds away from being aggressive. When I disrespect others in pursuit of what I want, I lose sight of true divine nature. When I’m aggressive, I lose. When I respect others while being firm in my purpose, I win. We all win.

Please reflect and share. How do you distinguish persistence from aggression?