Reason isn’t the only reason.

We all approach decision making differently. Some of us go with our gut sense or intuition. We get a feeling about something and allow it to guide our actions.

Others of us take a logical approach. We research, weigh pros and cons, and make what we believe is a good decision based on the facts we possess.

I like to take a combined approach, blending logic and intuition into my choice, particularly for larger decisions. The research I do reassures me that I have a decent understanding of the situation.

My intuition helps me take into account influences I might not know of through ordinary means. Relying on one mode of input alone leaves me making choices in an imbalanced way.

Today’s message advises that I’m best served by honoring both sides of my understanding, the conscious and subconscious. when making decisions. When I operate with my full personal resources, I make better choices.

Please reflect and share. What does your decision-making process look like?