That which is meant to cure sometimes harms and vice versa.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We’ve all experienced this—something we meant to achieve one result ends up doing the opposite. It can be frustrating and even heartbreaking. Our best intentions have somehow gone awry. In trying to create or prevent something, we’ve somehow generated the reverse effect.

We’re also sometimes on the receiving end of another’s best intentions. They may wish to help or harm us and wind up achieving the opposite of their goal. This is, in part, because we control how we receive events, even those initiated by another. We can use assistance to spur us forward or balk against it. We may dodge misfortune or be crushed by it.

Today’s message advises me to focus less on the initial intent of my or another’s actions and more on what can be done in the moment to attain the desired result. Medicine can also be poison. I control how I use it. Any situation I encounter always has positive possibilities for me.

How about you? Do your intentions every go awry?